Surgeons’ basic course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of long range marksmanship. The course covers rifle/scope setup and variations, differences in reticles first focal, second focal planes and implementing MOA, Mil, and other style reticles. The course includes basic ballistics and what affects bullet flight, including how to compensate for wind. Students will receive an in depth rifle maintenance and cleaning course by one of Surgeons’ master gunsmiths to ensure each student understands the workings of his firearm. Day 1 is designed to dramatically improve the student’s current shooting ability with individualized attention so that all students, by completion of Day 1, are consistently shooting 1 MOA groups or better at 100 yards. Day 2 is the run phase of the course. Students are split into groups and begin engaging targets from 100 yards to 2,000 yards depending on caliber. Students will test the limits of their firearms range regardless of caliber in Day 2. Instructors will provide coaching and guidance with wind and elevation corrections to students as they engage targets to maximize the effective range of their rifle.

*This course is for rifles chambered .337 and below.
Please see the extended long range course for .338 and larger.


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  • Safety
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Thermal Device Shooting
  • Advanced Wind Reading
  • Sniper/Observer Team Training
  • Speed Formulas and Application
  • Hold-Off / Hold-Over’s / Hold-Under’s
  • Use of Ballistic Computers
  • Night Vision Shooting


FALL 2017 Phoenix, AZ $500 or included with the purchase of a new Surgeon rifle*. TBD
SPRING 2018 Phoenix, AZ $500 or included with the purchase of a new Surgeon rifle*. TBD

On-site lodging is available for $50/day. This facility is at the range where we conduct the training courses. This housing is “bunk house style” and will be shared rooms. Provisions should be brought to the facility if using this option. Rides to the range can be provided if scheduled prior, it is not recommended to drive a car to the facility. Truck or SUV type vehicle with high ground clearance is recommended.

Off-site lodging is located near Strategic Armory Corps (the parent company of Surgeon Rifles and McMillan Firearms) office, approximately 45 minutes from the range.

Off-site Accommodations:

Hilton Garden Inn phoenix North Happy Valley
1940 W Pinnacle Rd, Phoenix AZ 85027 – (623)434-5556.
Group rate available under “AWC System Technologies”.

Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Happy Valley
2335 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85027 – (623)879-8800

*Valid for complete Surgeon rifles purchased in 2014 and newer.


  • Surgeon can receive and store rifle shipments until the course begins and provide return shipping when the course is completed.
  • Surgeon can transport all weapons, ammunition and other gear to and from the range.
  • Surgeon can store all weapons, ammunition and gear at our facility for its safety and security.
  • If interested in purchasing ammunition from Surgeon, please place the order as soon as possible to guarantee its availability.
  • Surgeon also offers a wide range of other accessory products and apparel. All of these products will be available for purchase at the time of the course.
  • You may bring any modern bolt-action precision rifle, however, Surgeon will offer its popular models for rent for a small additional fee.

Once you register for one of the courses you will receive an information packet, including dates, requirements, items needed on the range, a list of events, course schedule, rules and regulations, and much more.