Paul Reid Wins NALRSA Match

Paul P Reid took home another win at the North American Long Range Shooting Association, Cresson TX, July 22nd last weekend.

The match course of fire was:

Round 1

Top 50% of scores advance to round 2

Target – 501 yards – Reid advanced in 1st place. Set a new NALRSA scoring record 94/100

Round 2
Top 12 scores (with ties) advance to round 3

Target – 751 yards – Reid advanced in first place.

Round 3
1st place was awarded to the shooter with the highest accumulated score total from all 3 rounds. All 12 shooters receive a cash payout. $ 25,000 guaranteed payout for each match.

The final round was a nail biter with the target set out to 1242 yards and resulted in a tie for 1st place between Reid and Team AI shooter, Cory West. The weather made things difficult – the prevailing winds were some of the most difficult Reid has ever shot at this distance. Reid was on his way to losing to Cory until he pulled his last shot. Reid’s last shot scored a perfect dead center hit and 10 points to tie the match.

The tie was settled in a shootout. Same target at 1242 yards, 10 rounds, 2 minutes. Reid won the shootout by 11 points.


There were several NALRSA records set by Reid during this match:

NALRSA stage scoring record 94/100
First match won in a tie breaker.
First back-to-back wins.

Paul Reid’s Equipment

Surgeon Scalpel Shot Action in 6 Creedmoor
Rock Creek Barrel
KRG, Whiskey-3 Chassis
Vortex Optics Gen 2 Razor
Jewell Trigger
Berger 105 Hybrids
CCI BR-4 primers
Lapua brass

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