1/2 MOA Guarantee with a Limited-Lifetime Warranty!

½ MOA Guarantee

Surgeon Rifles offers a ½ MOA Guarantee on all Surgeon built, complete firearms using factory loaded match grade ammunition that meets SAMMI spec. We recommend Nexus Ammo’s line of Match ammunition.


Surgeon Rifles takes great pride in building the finest actions and accessories for civilian, law enforcement, and military use. Our products have stood the test of time for accurate and robust construction, giving years of trouble free service when properly cared for and maintained. Surgeon Rifles offers a conditional lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship for all the products manufactured at Surgeon Rifles.

Items that are considered expendable or wear and tear may require routine service replacement during the life of your Action. Therefore, these items are not covered under this warranty. Consult section 1:1 for exclusions pertaining to action component parts we produce. Consult section 1:2 for exclusions to gun specific tools we produce.

Other reputable manufacturers supply some parts we sell, such as Accuracy International magazines. These types of products are not covered by this warranty. Please consult with the manufacturer of such items for their specific coverage.

Any unauthorized modifications or alterations to our products will void this warranty. Our bolts are Ion Nitride treated as the last process in manufacturing. Re-Nitride or Melonite treating our bolts or actions is NOT recommended, and will void all warranties. Firing ammunition not designed for your firearm, or ammunition that exceeds SAAMI safe pressure specifications, will void any warranty. In addition, the abuse, neglect, and/or mistreatment of any Surgeon Rifles product will void this warranty.

Section 1:1 Exclusions

Roll Pins, solid pins, coil springs, and firing pin springs used in the action bodies and bolt assemblies. Ejectors and extractors are warranted for function as new parts, but are considered expendable and will not be covered for service related replacement.

Section 1:2 Exclusions

Surgeon Action Wrenches are tested to maintain 200 foot-pounds of torque using a certified torque wrench. Exceeding 200 foot pounds may destroy the wrench and void the warranty.


Customers who purchase our actions from Surgeon Rifles, a retail outlet, or a qualified gunsmith, who then commission a qualified gunsmith to build a complete rifle on that action, must rely on that gunsmith to initiate claims of warranty coverage for those parts found to be defective. If you are having difficulty with your gunsmith built rifle on a Surgeon Action, contact the responsible gunsmith first to trouble shoot the issue. Your qualified gunsmith can determine the issue and proceed in its repair with replacement parts we provide, or he may recommend that the component part be repaired or replaced at Surgeon Rifles under warranty.

To build your action into the precision firearm you expect, it is imperative a qualified gunsmith is selected. Please consult Surgeon Rifles if you need advice on picking a qualified gunsmith, or are interested in having Surgeon Rifles complete the rifle for you.

For action warranty repairs or to order small replacement maintenance parts, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 623-780-1050
Mailing Address: 525 E Pinnacle Peak Rd Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85085

If you need to ship in an action or bolt for repair, please include a note with; the action serial number, the problem you are having, any evidentiary items that will help in our assessment of the problem, (broken parts, cartridge brass, etc.) Include your name, return address, phone number, and e-mail with your package.

Repairs not covered under warranty can be made at Surgeon Rifles; call the Phoenix Arizona office to schedule service work.