Who We Are

Surgeon Rifles is a 12-year-old manufacturer of high-end precision bolt-action rifles, actions, and other accessories. Law enforcement, military, competitive shooters, and firearms enthusiasts around the world rely on Surgeon products to meet the needs of their specialized missions.

Shooters who are highly ranked in industry competitive contests consistently utilize surgeon rifles and actions to be successful in such events. An indication of the quality and accuracy of the Surgeon rifle is demonstrated by the results of the Precision Rifle Series in 2016. A Surgeon Rifle placed first in at least seven events, with three of the top five series shooters utilizing Surgeon rifles and actions.

All Surgeon Rifles start with the Surgeon Action as the heart. To assure the most accurate rifle systems, the Surgeon Action is paired with the finest barrels, triggers, and chassis’/stocks available. The rifle builder starts with premium barrel blanks and uses proprietary methods to turn them into the most accurate bolt-action system on the market. Once the chambering, crowning, and threading are complete, the finished barreled action is ready for coating. Surgeon coats the rifle and all necessary components with a baked on, ceramic coating known in the industry as Cerakote.

After the parts are coated, they are bedded to the stock using another Surgeon proprietary process. Once the bedding has cured, the stock is finished and the rifle is assembled. Once the rifle is assembled, it is run through a course of tests developed by Surgeon to assure that everything is functioning properly and that the rifle delivers the expected accuracy.

Surgeon Rifles products are available for military, law enforcement, and individual consumers.



How it all started

Pritchett Machining started out just southwest of Prague, Oklahoma in January 2001. Preston Pritchett, a long time machinist and gun guru, had visions of a small machine shop where he could work close to home and set his own hours. Little did he know it would turn into a large high-tech manufacturing facility, housing multiple CNC machining centers and Surgeon Rifles, Inc.

Surgeon Rifles started as an idea that quickly came to life in 2004. The idea came, not only from Preston’s obsession with accuracy, but through input from fellow shooters and friends. Surgeon Rifles now manufactures a variety of rifles, actions, and other accessories for the custom hunting and tactical rifle enthusiasts.

In 2011, Strategic Armory Corps acquired Surgeon Rifles. The Phoenix based parent company also owns ArmaLite, AWC Suppressors, McMillan Firearms, and NEXUS Ammo. Strategic Armory Corps continues to work to ensure that the Surgeon Rifles legacy of precision, quality, and durability grows even stronger.