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Over two decades ago, Surgeon Rifles was founded with a clear mission: to craft the world’s premier bolt action rifles, blending precision engineering with unparalleled customer support.  

In February 2003, Founder Preston Pritchett initiated production in Prague, OK, pioneering advancements in the Remington 700 action design. Pritchett quickly scaled his operation, broadening Surgeon Rifles’ offerings to encompass top-tier precision actions, tactical rifles, and competition-grade firearms.  

Embraced by law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters worldwide, Surgeon Rifle products boast versatility and customization, spanning from the Scalpel Short Action to the Remedy XL Action, and paired with the finest barrels, triggers, and stocks available. PRS competition champions utilize Surgeon Rifles, cementing its status as a favorite among precision enthusiasts and tactical professionals alike. To date, Surgeon Rifles remains a global leader in precision bolt action rifles. 

In 2013, Surgeon Rifles became an integral part of Strategic Armory Corps, a family-owned munitions company formed with the goal of combining market-leading companies within the firearms industry – now proudly headquartered in College Station, Texas.  

Surgeon Rifles continues to evolve, manufacture, and assemble high quality firearms, and strives to continuously expand the Surgeon Rifle family with each rifle.