Surgeon Rifle Training Courses

Surgeon Rifles offers the highest level of firearms training for civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. Surgeon Rifles’ training courses are designed to develop a shooter’s firearms skills and to show that boundaries once thought impossible can be mastered. Surgeon Rifles offers three unique training courses conducted by some of the most experienced firearms instructors in the world.

Option 1: Marksman Course

The Marksman Course is Surgeon Rifles’ basic firearms training course. It covers the fundamentals of long-range shooting. This course is free to all Surgeon Rifles’ rifle owners.

Option 2: Precision Course

The Precision Course is an intermediate training course and builds upon the foundation from the basic training course. Students will learn advanced wind reading, while engaging targets at long range.

Option 3: Extended Long Range Course

The Extended Long Range Course is Surgeon Rifles’ basic large caliber course designed to take firearms training to a new level. It is meant to push a shooter’s capabilities and engage targets out to 2,000 yards with magnum calibers.