AWC THOR Thundertrap


The AWC THOR Thundertrap is a shorter, lighter, and astonishingly quiet suppressor that celebrates our 5th generation of the Thundertrap. Designed to deliver the accuracy demanded by law enforcement snipers and bench rest shooters, this suppressor retains spent gases for a longer period causing the sound emitted to be a soft hiss rather than a pop.

The THOR Thundertrap is constructed from titanium and is available in calibers for all bolt and semi-auto center-fire rifles chambered in .22 to .50 Beowulf.

Standard thread: 5/8-24. Please call 800-401-7269 for questions and custom thread pitches.

Please call 800-401-7269 to order.

*NFA rules and regulations apply.

**All serialized products must be properly shipped and transferred through a dealer who posses a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). You will have the opportunity to select a local dealer or provide the information of your preferred dealer during checkout. 



Call 800-401-7269 To Order

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.223 - .338 Lapua
Overall Length
Standard - 19oz / .338 - 22oz