Repeating , Short Action, Right handed and Right Port

The WSM action has a longer loading port cut in the bottom of the action and bolt stop to match, and the internal feed lips of the action are widened. The purpose of this is to allow the use of extended internal box magazines like Wyatt’s. (So if you are going to be feeding the rifle from Surgeon DBM or any other system that uses the AICS mags there in no need to order this action you can use the 591/R and upgrade to a .550 bolt face bolt).

*All Surgeon Actions are shipped uncoated and include a standard Surgeon Rifles bolt knob (o-ring bolt knob shown available at additional cost).

**All serialized products must be properly shipped and transferred through a dealer who posses a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). You will have the opportunity to select a local dealer or provide the information of your preferred dealer during checkout. 

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SKU: 591SA-WSM-550 Category:
One Piece, Fluted, Two Lug, & Threaded Handle
1-1/16 16UN 3B
2lbs, 2.5oz
Surgeon one-piece bolt with standard .550 bolt face, Surgeon shroud, Surgeon cocking Piece, Surgeon firing pin, Surgeon firing pin spring, Surgeon bolt knob, Badger/M16 style extractor, Surgeon extractor spring, Remington style ejector, Surgeon ejector spring, Spring pin for ejector, Surgeon bolt stop, Surgeon bolt stop spring, Spring pin for bolt stop