591SA Left Hand Repeater


Repeating, short action. Left handed and left port. M-16 style extractors now available!

Available bolt faces:
.473″ = .308 Win – Rem style or M-16 extractor

*All Surgeon Actions are shipped uncoated and include a standard Surgeon Rifles bolt knob (o-ring bolt knob shown available at additional cost).

**All serialized products must be properly shipped and transferred through a dealer who posses a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Shipping is not included.

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One piece, Fluted, Two Lug and Threaded Handle
1-1/16 16UN 3B
2lbs 1.6oz
Surgeon one-piece bolt with standard .473 bolt face, Surgeon shroud, Surgeon cocking Piece, Surgeon firing pin, Surgeon firing pin spring, Surgeon bolt knob, Remington style extractor, Remington style ejector, Surgeon ejector spring, Spring pin for ejector, Surgeon bolt stop, Surgeon bolt stop spring, Spring pin for bolt stop