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2015 Mammoth Sniper Challenge

The Surgeon Rifles competitors had a fantastic finish at the 2015 Mammoth Sniper Challenge this year!

The Extreme Tough Man Division is one of the most grueling sniper challenges in the country. Competitors are required to walk the entire match, with each stage being an estimated 1-5 miles apart. The shooters must carry all the gear needed to complete the entire competition, and they are allowed to restock food out of a small cooler each night. This means they have to hike the entire course with everything they need to survive for three days and two nights.

Using their Surgeon Scalpels and PROOF Research carbon fiber barrels, Daniel and Candice Horner won the Extreme Tough Man Division after three days and two nights exposed to the elements.

The Open Division is a faster pace competition featuring 10-11 shorter stages with competitors utilizing calibers from .223 up to .300WM.

Tyler Payne placed second in the Open Division using his Surgeon Scalpel chambered in .308 and shooting Nexus Ammo factory match ammunition.

Congrats on the great shooting!

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S.A.C. Armalite AWC Nexus McMillan